Scrapkit used in this tutorial is Gimptastic Scraps '4th of July'

I also used the beautiful artwork of ŠAnna Liwanag  Package 72

Must purchase to have a license to use


Vix_Mask374 is used.. put it in your mask folder

Fireworks animations HERE

This tutorial was written on June 17th 2005  using PSP X 6

#1. Open the tube your going to use.. Shift + D to duplicate.. Now open the Frame4.png out of the scrap kit.. Shift +D to duplicate . Close the original

this duplicated frame image is you working image now... go to Image/ Canvas size  900 x 900 center justify..

#2. Copy and past the tube on top of the frame , at the bottom.. some of the tube hangs over.. to fix this... Use your magic wand tool and

click on the inside of the frame...(frame layer highlighted on the layer palette) Selections/ INVERT

#3. Use your eraser tool and just erase at the bottom where she hangs over.. don't go all the way up to the hand.

#4. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer and on the tube layer..


5. Click the Shadow on a new layer when you put the shadow on the tube.. so you can

erase some of the shadow just at the bottom of the girl..


#6. I don't show it.. cause I forgot till the last min... but I put Paper5.jpg behind the girls frame.. Copy and paste Paper5.jpg over to your working image

Just make a circle  selection on top of the girl...lil larger than the frame..  INVERT and making sure you on the paper layer.. DELETE.

The finished animation.. shows this bkg..

#7. Now open Paper1.jpg.. copy and paste it over to your working image making sure its layer is on the bottom of the layer palette.

#8. Use your deformation tool (set on scale) to pull out the corners of the paper almost to the edges of the image..

#9. Apple the mask to the paper Vix_Mask374. Use the settings below

#9.  Merge/ group... then duplicate the mask layer.. bring one up to left top and one to bottom right. Be sure not to pull it out too far

so that it will go over the edges.. where it will have a flat place..

#10  Below I cropped the image.. Resized all layers 85% then went to image/canvas size 900 x900 again lol..

It didn't have enough room on the sides for me.. so that's how I fixed it

#11. Below shows how I placed all the elements on my image..

all three flowers are resized 60%

I re colored the tan bow that's in the kit to a dull red.. then I adjusted the curves down.. to darken it.

the Heart.png I resized 65% duplicated and mirrored it.

The USA sign  right in the middle

the StarHeart.png I used the magic wand and selected the red heart and re colored it.. to be a brighter red..


#12. After I got all the elements on there that I wanted.. I merged them all visible.. The mask layer and white bottom background layer i merged together..

Now for the animation..

#13. Hide the merged elements layer.. Right click on the top of the image.. and copy merged.. Open animation shop and

right click on its desktop  paste as a new animation..

Open the fireworks animation.. that's in the supplies zip . Notice it has 32 frames to it..

your image you just brought from PSP , your working image...Duplicate the one frame by clicking this button 6 times

That will give you 33 frames.. just delete one of them...  Ctrl + A to select all the frames on both of your images there.

Drag F:1 of the fire works animation over to F:1 of the image from PSP. Click HOLD mouse button and drag over.. don't let go until you place the animation where you want

About in the top center of the image... remember you can UNDO on both and start over..

Aft you've placed the fire works where you want... go back to PSP Hide the bottom white layer and mask..

Unhide the merged elements layer  , right click on top of image and COPY MERGED over to Animation shop  right click on the desktop

and paste as a new layer... Duplicate this one frame like before by clicking   6 times and deleting on frame of it..

Ctrl + A to select all the frames... Drag F:1 of the top elements over to the F:1 of the new animation with the bkg and fire works on it..

Click hold, drag it over.. place it where you want it.. let go... Check your animation  if it all looks good.. SAVE AS a GIF

You should be done!!

Toodles till next time.