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Ever try to make a transparent GIF and it looks awful? ME TOO!!! Through the years... I think I've come as close as you can come to getting the settings right...Thing you have to realize.. is that when you make a TAG or an animation... in PSP its 16 million colors.. when you save it as a GIF it goes down to ONLY 256 colors.. BLAH!!!!! That does some BAD things to your colors.. sometimes.. specially when its flesh color.. or pastel gradients..

RULE # 1  NEVER ever put a 3 D shadow on a transparent GIF ...YUCK!!!! It just don't work..

RULE # 2 You always want to use the color of your background your going to put the GIF on.. in the settings of making the gif.. will show you that down below later.. ok? Using white is kind of generic... can put the GIF on lots of light colored backgrounds.. but not dark ones.. the white pixels around the GIF show.. making it look bad...

RULE #3 You can't make a transparent GIF with a misted tube.

There are two ways to make a transparent GIF... one in PSP.. and one in Animation Shop... I use animation shop. they seem to look better made in there... to me.. but you can do in either..

ok... you start with your TUBE.. your wanting to make a transparent GIF. You can put text on it.. on a separate layer.. then merge visible and/or duplicate the tube layer.. and make it an animated GIF. I will show you both ways..

OK FIRST making the transparent GIF in PSP , just a NON animated GIF

If you have to resize your tube ALWAYS remember to use SHARPEN once.. resizing always blurs a small bit. Whether you use RESIZE or the DEFORM tool. Get your image ready to save as.. with whatever you want on it.. text.. or more than one tube.. just so its merged visible.. ok SAVE AS now...this window pops up...Click Options first... then the save options box pops up.. click Run Optimizer.

Transparency TAB, use the settings as shown

Partial Transparency TAB. On this tab is where you pick your blend color for the GIF. Depending on what bkg your going to put it on...White is kind of middle of the road..

Colors TAB... the last two tabs format and download times leave at default settings

I used WHITE to be be blend color around the transparency.. It blends great with this light background of the web page..

if I put it on a dark color.. look at the difference, you can see the white pixels around it.. YUCK..

Now if I had of used the Dk Green instead of WHITE as the blending color around the GIF this would of looked GOOD on dark bkg.. So you kind of have to look ahead.. Of course if someone saved your GIF from an email you had it in.. and put it on dark bkg then its THEIR fault. it don't look good lol.. not yours  ... name your new transparent GIF and YOUR DONE..

Now to make an animated transparent GIF.. While in PSP... you open you a TUBE.. duplicate the layer 2 times.. so you will have 3 layers on the layer palette...keep that layer palette OPEN all the time.. you use it ALOT.. I used my MAGIC WAND tool , set on 15 tolerance and selected some areas on the heart and pillow to apply the noise filter on the tube... just have to select on ONE layer... the selection will be on all 3... go to EACH layer.. and use your ADJUST/Add-remove noise/ ADD NOISE. Use 15 % on top layer.. 20% on middle layer and 25% on bottom layer.. Now this is up to you.. on your settings.. whatever you like the look of..

When your finished you have 3 layers there.. NO bkg on them... Select NONE now..

SAVE AS... Animation Shop (*.psp) type of file. then OPEN in Animation Shop.

Open this file in Animation Shop and SAVE AS there.. Name your file... click OK then next window you .....


This Customize Optimization Settings window pops up.. now sometimes  you have to decide which of these two settings make the GIF look better.. I have to interchange them alot.. The Optimized Median Cut and the Optimized Octree...  if One looks grainy when you get done and have saved it.... go to EDIT and undo the optimizing.. then do again choosing the other one..

Now click the Partial Transparency TAB..  use the settings here.. only thing you would change each time  depending on your GIF is the Blend color.. right click on the color rectangle and go to other colors..  you can put the exact html #  color that you need here....You dont have to do any thing on the Optimizations tab.. keep it at default settings.

Here is the finished GIF bear.. I made on white using white as the blend color..

If I had used this exact dark green color for the blend color.. it would look like this..

This one above I used the white and put it on a dark color.. Yuck again lol

Well that's about it... I hope you learned something..

TOODLES till next time