I wanted to see if I could explain how to set up your Message Rules in your MAIL... going to show you both Incredimail and Outlook.. both are relatively the same. This way when your mail comes in from groups or family and friends it will go straight to its own folder.. I know most of you are like me and are members of LOTS of graphic groups.. it would be hard going through mail if each group didnt go to its OWN folder...

Use this Arrow to help you keep up with where you are in the tutorial

#1 First go to TOOL/ Message Rules in Incredimail same thing in Outlook.


Here is Outlook Express

Click on ADD the next window pops up

This is Incredimail below

#2 Pick which IF you want.. I always choose the "subject line contains"... unless its a family member or friend then I click the "from line".. and type either their email address or their name. Here is how I have to put the subject line for a group I'm in.. you HAVE TO put these brackets...  [normas-psp-tickled-pink] if you don't have the brackets then it will NOT work.. LOOK on the email you get from that group or person and see EXACTLY how or what is in the subject line or From line.....When you get done in Incredimail rules.. you APPLY it to which ever folder you want this rule to be to...

 #3. Before I started this.. I RIGHT clicked on my INBOX and  clicked NEW FOLDER. Name it from whatever person or group your making the message rule for..

Outlook Express.. here is the Mail rule box..

T#4. he window below pops up when you click on the BLUE 'contains specific words'

Just type in the name of group putting the brackets... can check your mail to make sure of how EXACTLY to type this.. it will be in subject line from that group etc...

Click ADD and OK..

#5. As you see I clicked WHERE the SUBJECT LINE contains specific words and MOVE it to a specified folder.. that you've already created.

#6. CLICK on the BLUE words one at a time.. and type in the specific words don't FORGET the brackets!!!

then click on the BLUE specified folder and pic the folder you want this mail to go to...

Toodles till next time