I'm going to show you how to personalize your PSP 9 workspace.  PSP 8 would work the same..

This is how my PSP workspace looks but you can set yours up any way you'd like

You can download my workspace for PSP 9HERE  if you'd like.

for the last three newer versions of PSP

                                          PSP X 6

PSP X 6 Dark environment PSP X 6

                                          PSP X 7

                                       PSP X8

Here's how you would load my workspace if you want to use it... First download my workspace file into your documents/mypspfiles/workspace folder, go to PSP and go to FILE/workspace/ load and DON'T choose mine first... choose default or the arts media one first.. it don't matter which.. THEN go to workspace again and load Norma's workspace.. and click Load.. OK... you should see your workspace change. and look like the below capture of my PSP.

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

As you can see above.. I have certain tools I use all the time on there.. others I don't use like the photo tool bar...That option is under VIEW/ToolBars.. you can toggle them on and off..

Under docking options you have the option whether or not you want the tool bar floating or stationary...

Now shown below to go VIEW/Customize.

The Customize box pops up..on the Commands Tab you can go to each category on the left and all the individual  effects is on the right... on the right..those icons are the ones that you can click and drag up to the tool bar.. I put all the effects that I use all the time.. like 3D shadow.. Inner Bevel..Noise.. all the ones from each category.. that I want out there.. so just the CLICK of the button. uses that effect with out having to go to to effects and find all those specialized ones.. .. it saves your steps. which HELPS


To the left of every tool bar you see this    this you click and drag.. you will notice this is the way to move your tool bars around...

As you can see.. I have drag and dropped some of the tools I use alot.. to the end of the regular tool bar.

The regular tool bars ends with this the rest after that.. I've added myself. .To name a few

Inner bevel, 3D shadow, sharpen, noise, gaussian blur, duplicate layer, merge all layers, merge visible layers, merge layer down, select NONE, select ALL, Float, Invert, Cut and seamless tiling...After you get every thing out there on your tool bars like you want.. you go to FILE/WORKSPACE/SAVE   name it... that way if something awful happens.. you have your tool bar saved.. also if you save and burn it on a disk.. and you have to reformat computer.. or reinstall your PSP.. etc.. you will have it saved.. all you have to do is put it back in your 'mypspfiles/workspaces folder'

I hope I've made this a little clearer on how to set your workspace up..