There are two ways to work with MASKS in PSP 9 by going to LAYERS/LOAD/SAVE MASK/LOAD

MASK FROM DISK.  This sample is below.. I will show you the other way further on down the tutorial

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

Special NOTE

 you have to be sure that in your PSP preferences on your Masks under file types you have your

mask folder on the list there on the right.. to DIRECT PSP to go look THERE for that type of file.. if its not then ADD it and have the option to look in SUB folders checked..

You do this for ALL types of files for PSP

This is a great option in PSP.. you don't have to have EVERY thing for PSP just in your MYPSPFILES folder.. you can store 'GOODIES' other places or on other drives..

Start off with a 400 x 400 NEW transparent raster layer Image... fill with a color of your choice.

As shown below.. this is how you would use a mask that you have saved in a file folder on your computer or on a disk.. for your masks to be on this drop down list..

This window pops up...Here you can 'tweak' your mask settings.. the Mask window drops down to reveal

 all your masks.. for you to pic from. The window under preview.. will change as you click and unclick the

INVERT depends on what you want cut off of the mask.. or save.. the BLACK

 is the part that's 'cut' away.. See both samples below. This is with INVERT toggled.

Below here is the Mask drop down list showing all your masks.. to pick from.

Once you pick what mask you want and which INVERT to use. Look at your layer palette.. it looks like 3 layers there for that mask..

Next you go to LAYERS/DELETE.

Click YES when the next window pops up

the Middle layer disappears.. Don't ask me why you do this.. ha.. you just DO... On the layer palette there looks l

like 2 layers now.. you highlight the top Group Raster 1 layer and right click.. go to MERGE/MERGE Group...

then there is ONE layer left.. now you can put a shadow.. or texture.. or tile it.. whatever your going to do with it..



This is the other way.. to use a Mask. I don't use this way much its limited to its settings..

You to go LAYERS/NEW MASK LAYER/From Image.. * you have to have a mask OPEN on the desk top for this one.

On the Source window scroll down and find the Mask that's opened name.. You can toggle the INVERT on this one..

 but don't have the other choices.. Click OK.. then it works same way the first way worked..

You do the same way you did the other one. You have 3 layers on the layer palette. you go to LAYERS/DELETE

click OK then right click on the top group layer and MERGE/MERGE GROUP..

Have fun working with Masks..!