Scrap Supplies HERE

I included two different Vintage lady tubes to give you a choice of which to use.. or can use one of your own choosing. Assorted bkg tiles, elements and an alpha.

I don't know where I got this particular scrap set.. but if I knew I would give credit to whom ever created it.. If any one recognizes it please let me know and I will certainly do that!

Artistic license plays an important part in making this tag... the placement of the elements.. etc... So all of the placements I show you.. are just 'suggestions' ok?

Open the Vintage Frame and also one of the lady tubes and copy and paste the tube on a layer below or behind the frame.. ADD a new layer.. and drag it to the bottom layer on the layer palette. On the layer palette always rename your layers.. so you can keep them straight.. which one is which. this 3rd bottom layer.. fill with a tile bkg of your choice.. I chose the lighter one..


I applied a 3D drop shadow on the woman's tube.. using these settings #ad6f5d. Need something light.. cause this is a misted tube. A hard shadow don't look good.

When I get through with the Frame.. I merge visible on it and minimize it for the time being.. go to Start and open a new IMAGE 500 x 500, transparent bkg.. we can resize layer.. fill this raster layer with one of the background tiles I supplied... then use your selection tool , Point to Point selection type and click up at the top right corner.. draw diagonally down to left bottom then across the bottom to the right.. and back up ending at the top right again.. That should of made a triangle selection...? need to redo? try again.. ADD a new layer... and fill this layer with one of the other bkg tiles.. see the sample below...Next copy and past the ribbon.. on a new layer.. then go to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate/ Left 45 degrees...

that should of turned the ribbon like below.. place it where you want it.. NAME your layers.. like on the sample palette below.

Copy and paste the Flower Clip.. and use your erase tool and erase the back part of the clip that would be BEHIND the ribbon.. like shown below.

You can now copy and paste on new layer the frame... also the Memories plaque...I have an alpha in the zip supplies that you can use if you want... copy and paste on new layers.. the letters.. and place where you like.. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame and the Memories plaque.

There is another element I added.. the wooden plaque up above the frame.. if you would like to add it.. apply same 3 D drop shadow on it also.

When you get all placed just like you want.. MERGE all... then go to IMAGE/ADD border.. and Add a border of white..6 pixels wide..use your magic wand

and select the white frame.. fill it with the bkg tile that looks like wood.. it matches the frame.. then apply this bevel to it..

go to IMAGE again and ADD border of 20 pixels.. Use your selection tool to select this 20 pixel frame.

On your foreground color..  On your materials palette....set it to pattern..

and click on the pattern window... set to 45 angle and 40 scale.. click the window drop down and pick your IMAGE window your working on.. the  tag.. use your selection tool and on your IMAGE select the white border of 20 pixels and fill with the image pattern.

I used Eye Candy 3.01's Jiggle on this 20 pixel frame with these settings below. Movement type.. Turbulence and on Extreme Jitter.

 I then went to IMAGE again and added another border of 6 pixels of white and filled with the wood tile again.. and applied the same inner bevel as before...Resized the whole image 70% or whatever size you like best... and SAVE AS a .jpg.

You're done.. there are many many ways to do this TAG.. its all up to you and your imagination...Have fun...