Most every thing I tube has a white background.. so its very easy to tube..

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

Below shows your magic wand selected, tolerance set to 20, feather set to 2. At times depending on the graphic.. you might have to 'tweak' the tolerance, setting it to a lower number...

Click any where on the white surrounding the picture. Like I did below. IFFF your graphic is a HAVE to go to the layer palette and right click on the background level and promote to layer.. then when the white area is selected you hit delete or cut..


ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS check your new tube with a 3D shadow.. to check to see if there is any white area left.. if there is UNDO the 3D shadow.. and go BACK and select the white areas with your magic wand again and delete till all are gone.. Check with shadow again.. DONT save a tube with a shadow on it.. only if you want to make a preview of it.. to send to someone.. SAVE AS your new tube in PSPIMAGE format.

In this sample below... you can see where some of the white was missed the first go around.. you have to go back and select the areas and delete/cut..

There are times where a graphic is really detailed and your wanting to tube one aspect of it.. for instance in this graphic below.. I'm wanting to take the kitty from off the floral bkg..

You click your Eraser Tool and choose the background eraser... Right click on the flowers then left click and drag around the cat.. USUALLY it will take the flowers off and not the cat.. you have to be very careful though.. this takes time and lots of practice to master this.. Some times you have to ZOOOM in very close to an area.. to 'clean' up all the unwanted color around the object your wanting to tube..

One last thing.. when you save your tube in pspimage format..

See below... Go to options and save it as a PSP 7 compatible tube.. that way PSP 7, 8 and 9 can view it and use it. if you dont.. it will only save in PSP 9 format and only people with PSP 9 can see it.. I believe that once you set this to PSP 7 it stays that way unless you have to reinstall PSP or reset all the settings..

Hope this has helped in your tubbing..