The text tool is an extensive tool bar, so I sectioned it into pieces to so it would fit on the page. I will star from LEFT to RIGHT and explain each of the options of Text.


#1.  Presets: This is where you can pick a specific font, colors, etc and SAVE the preset, click that preset button and find the preset you saved and it will automatically set the text tool like you wanted.

#2.  Create As: this drops down to show all the choices. Some times you need to create text as a vector, selection or floating, where it will have the 'marching ants' around it.. I 99% of the time keep my text on the floating.

#3. Direction : This you use to have your text going from side to side or up and down.

#4. Font: Drop down box to pick your font to use.

#5. Size: You can use the sizes on the drop down or type in the one you want.. that maybe in between those sizes or might need a font bigger than 72.. you just type it in.

#6. Stroke Width: This is for the outline of the text, how thick you want that line. Can use half sizes too like 1.5 etc.

#7. Font Style: Whether its bold, italic, underlined or strike through.


#8. Alignment: whether you want your text left, middle or right justified.

#9. Anti-Alias: This is very important.. and alot of people over look it and their text looks AWFUL!!! ALWAYS have it set on smooth or sharp.. NEVER OFF.. it will make your text look jagged and rough around the edges..

#10. Line Style

You can pick the line style you want.. for Text outline. You can also custom design you lines also.

#11. Join:  this is how the corners of the text are joined or mitered.


#12. Miter Limit: for the life of me.. I've tried everything with this and it don't change the text lol.. so don't know.. sorry. If some one knows let me know :)

#13. Warp text...This is helpful when your typing Text around a shape, most times you need to have the Warp Text UNCHECKED... so that the text looks normal. if its checked it does some weird things to the text as it goes around corners and such.

#14. Offset: I tried all kinds of settings on this.. I don't see a difference in any of them..


#15. Leading: If you have two lines of typed Text the numbers above 0 will make the lines further apart.. - minus numbers will bring the lines closer together.

#16. If Auto Kern is checked it will automatically adjust the spacing of the letters to the shape.

#17. Kerning: numbers above 0 makes the letters of your text further apart.. -minus numbers make the letters closer.. this is really helpful when your using Vertical Direction on text where its Up and down. 

#18. Tracking: Numbers over 0 brings the letters of the text farther apart like kerning does.. but the - minus numbers of tracking makes the letters like mirror image like backwards.


When you click the Text tool you will see the above Text entry box appear. You click somewhere on your working image where you want your text and this Text entry box appears. This is where you type what you want as text. Its handy to have the remember text box checked, You can type in the text you want in this box and if you highlight the text like I have in the sample above you can change the color of the font.. the font its self.. size... line width etc... then click apply. Check out my other tutorial 'Working with Text' it has the different things you can do with text.

Till the next tutorial.. Happy PSP'n