Open a 500 x 500 New Canvas. Fill with the Red Barn Gradient that was in the zip file. Name this layer Red Gradient Bkg .Set at 230 angle/ 0 repeats/Invert Unchecked

Copy and past the poinsetta tube on a new layer. Position it in center and DON'T move it again. Go to Selections/Select All/Float/Modify/Expand 7 pixels.

HIDE your Poinsetta layer by clicking on the EYE on the layer palette.


Click on Red Gradient Bkg layer and ADD A NEW layer. Fill this layer with black.. clicking a few times to make sure its filled GOOD. Name this layer BLACK... duplicate it.. name the duplicated one BLACK 2. Keep it selected..

Go to Selections/Load/save selection/Save selection to Alpha Channel.

Name the new alpha channel.. make sure you don't move these layers accidently or on purpose.

Unhide your Poinsetta Layer and resize it by 65%

Add a 3D drop shadow on the Poinsetta..

Move it to bottom left..  and use the deform tool to turn it a little to the left...

refer to my finished project above.

Now copy and paste the BEAR CAR tube or what ever tube you want to use.. and apply the same 3D drop shadow on it as you did the poinsetta. Position the Bear Car to the bottom right.. see the finished project.

Merge the poinsetta layer and the bear layer now. This is not really shown in a sample..

Select your AIRBRUSH tool and use these same settings as below..

select the TOP BLACK layer on the layer palette go to Selections/Load/save selection/load selection from alpha channel... this will put the marching ants *selection* around the black shaped layer

Using the AIRBRUSH tool now.. with those settings above.. click ONE time over the black 2 layer then on the bottom BLACK layer click ONCE also.. adjusting the brush lil further down the image, *not in same place as before* After you do that.. Apply a 3 D drop shadow on EACH of the BLACK layers. Use these settings below.

ADD A NEW layer above the Poinsetta layer and click on your TEXT tool and put the text you would like on your image..... I used Merry Christmas here.. I put an inner bevel on the text and a drop shadow with the setting below..

MERGE/Merge DOWN the Text layer to the Poinsette layer.

On your layer palette you should have 3 layers now.. Red Gradient BKG layer *bottom* then BLACK layer and BLACK 2 layer then the Poinsetta layer on top.

DUPLICATE the Poinsetta layer and the Bottom layer *Red Gradient Bkg layer .

Drag One BLACK layer on top of ONE Red Gradient layer and have one Poinsetta layer on top of that..

Look at the Layer Palette ABOVE... yours should look like this

HIDE the top 3 layers and Merge visible one Red GRadient layer, Black layer and Poinsetta layer..Hide that new merged one and merge the last 3 layers visible. You end up with 2 merged layers on your layer palette.. if you hide the top layer.. toggle it on and off you can see your snow animation as it will be when done.. if you dont see the snow change or move you did something WRONG UNDO.. till you get back to what ever step you missed.. ACK  pain I know.. but UNDO is a life saver in times like that.

With the two merged layers choose the TOP one only... now and go to EFFECTS/ Illumination effects/sunburst and use this setting below on EACH of the head lights of the Car. Do one first.. then the other one. Only do this on ONE of the merged layers..

Now SAVE AS ... Animation shop (*.psp) file format and Go to your PSP animation shop and open it there.. click the Ctrl + A to select all frames or go to EDIT and select all.. then right click on one of the Frames and go down to animation properties and choose 35 for speed..  SAVE AS. a .GIF

That it.. Your done.. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have questions please contact me..

TOODLES till next time.

Heres another sample..

Instead of using airbrush tool for the snow... I used  VDL Adrenaline 'Snowflakes'