Hi there

Here is what we're working on this time. How to use your selection tool to select areas that you want to change colors on. Then animate it..

I'm assuming that you know your way around PSP , where tools are etc.

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

You can use any tube you'd like for this tutorial. 

Below is the finished animation.

Open your tube and hit Shift + D on your keyboard to duplicate the tube.. close the original. Always safer to do that so you wont mess up your tube.

I went to Image/canvas size and made the canvas bigger so I would have more room to move the tube around.. you can always crop later on...

The little stick fairy I used.. I decided I wanted to change the colors of her skirt.. so I used the Freehand selection tool

with the Point to point Selection type. Selected around her skirt. When you get to the end of the selection ready to enclose it.. you right click lastly, making the enclosure . You will notice on the layer palette at the min you only have one layer there.

Now you right click on that fairy layer and duplicate how ever many times you want... in this case depends on how many color variations you want to use.. I had 5 colors.. so I ended up with 5 layers of the fairy.

As it shows above.. to go Adjust/Hue and Saturation/colorize.

Then as below shows you adjust the colors to what you want..

Pink is Hue 230   Purple is Hue 190  Blue is Hue 160 yellow green is Hue 100, there are many variations as you will see.. the saturation number is the intensity of the color.. so 255 is the brightest/darkest the color can be.. These colors also depend on what the original color is too.. whether its a bright or a dull color

You do this on EVERY Fairy layer.. keeping the selection selected.

Notice the layer palette, you have to select whatever layer your wanting to AFFECT.

At this point I put a shadow on all the fairy layers..

I used eyecandy 3.0 *perspective shadow*

Back to the layer palette on the top layer of the fairys. I made a selection around her wings and used PSP's noise filter on it..I went to ADJUST/Add/remove noise and used a different setting on each of the fairy layers...selecting each on the layer palette and using the effect.

I used 25, 30, 35, 40, 45% each in turn on the layers.

I now added a new raster layer.. and drug it down to the bottom on the layer palette... filled it with white.. and duplicated it 4 times.. so I ended up with 5 layers of white bkg...

I clicked and drug each fairy layer above each of the background layers... so I had  fairy , bkg, fairy, bkg, fairy, bkg, fairy, bkg on the layer palette...  I then clicked on each of the fairy layers and right clicked and merged/merge down.... you end up with 5 layers when your done. Well I did you might end up with more or less.. it depends..

All you have left is to save as... Animation Shop {*.psp} file . Open your animation shop and open this file you just saved.. Go to File/ Select ALL and right click on any of the frames and go to frame properties and change the speed of the animation.. to whatever speed you want the animation to look... save as .gif animation.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helped you..

Till next time