I thought it would be cool to show you how to make your own ribbons. Scrapbooking is very popular now days... and this knowledge would come in handy.


Start with a new image  1035 x 250, you can crop down later.. it will be bigger than your PSP worktop.. so use your roller on your mouse to scale it to 80% or so, just so you can see both ends of it. Fill your canvas with a dark color so there is a contrasting background and you can see things better.  Find you a pretty background.. or MAKE your own by finding a floral tube,  using seamless tiling on it.. like shown below.

Click on your pen tool use the settings below for the tool options. Set your foreground color to white or a light color that matches the seamless floral tile you made.

Click once on the left side, let go of mouse move over to the right side of your canvas and click again, this time dont let up on the mouse yet. Straighten the line up by moving up or down on the node.. you can see when its straight line... let go when it is.

On the layer palette right click on the vector layer of the line and convert to raster layer.

Go to Effects/Distortion Effects/WAVE

Use the settings below.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the Rick Rack, use settings below.

Add a new layer, use your selection tool

Draw out a rectangle like below, this will be the body of the ribbon.

Fill the selection with your seamless tile . Then apply an inner bevel on the center ribbon part, with these settings below.

DUPLICATE the rick rack layer now and use your move tool and move to the bottom of the ribbon. See sample below.

Hide or X the background layer on the layer palette.. and merge VISIBLE then unhide the background layer.

An added option is to make stitch lines to go on your ribbon.. use the pen tool and set the line style to small dash. Left click your mouse button on the left side of the ribbon where you want the stitches to be. Then move over to the right end of the ribbon and click the left mouse button holding it down till you make sure the line is straight, then let up.

Here is a  close up section of the finished ribbon..


You draw your line same was as before.. with the pen tool, then convert the vector layer into a raster layer.. make the line size 10.

I used a gradient but you could use a pattern or color here.

Apply PSP's  Distortion effect WAVE with these settings.

Duplicate the zig zag line layer, then position it over the other zig zag line to make the pattern like below, merge the two zig zag layers. Apply an inner bevel with these settings.

Now a 3D drop shadow.

I put some small pearls in between the links.. as shown... I have zipped a few pearl tubes in the supplies zip for you. Below is the finished pearl trim.

Add a new layer below to your graphic and use your selection tool to draw you out a long rectangle like shown.

Fill it with a color you want, there are several plugins that make lines but I used VM Extravaganza *Transmission* on this one.. you can find VM filters HERE


Use these settings on the filter to make the lines.

Use your line tool again and draw a line size 6 from left to right in a lighter color than your 'ribbon'. Convert to raster layer.

There are many different plugins/filters that you can use to make an edging. just experiment!!! I used Eye Candy 4000's *Jiggle* with these settings to make mine.

I applied an inner bevel on the edge.

Duplicated the ribbon edge and pull the duplicated one down to the bottom of my ribbon, to make the other edge of the ribbon.

The edging was a little to thick for my liking so I used the distortion tool and pushed in the width of the edging.

Here is the finished edge.

You start off the same way with this one.. drawing your line with your pen tool. in white or what ever color you want to use... then use Effects/Texture effects/BLINDS with these settings.

Finished ribbon here

These are but a few samples on how to make ribbons... there are many things we can do.. just experiment and try different things.. with all your plugins/filters..

Till next time..