I thought I would show you how to work with Alpha Channels..

Plugin I used was Filters Unlimited 2.0

Here in this ZIP are the supplies you will need for this project..

Supplied is a gradient.. put it in your mydocuments/mypspfiles/gradients folder.

In the zip is the file BaseSel.pspimage, open it up.. Also the two psp tubes

 I supplied the Bouquet and the MotherNchild, minimize them for use later.

I also supplied 2 fonts that I used.. you can use your own... if you want.


#1. On the BaseSel.pspimage fill with the gradient I supplied in the zip..

 RoseyPeach.jgd  use the settings below...then add a new layer.

#2. Go to Selections/ load-save selection/load selection from Alpha Channel.

Choose NC-1. You will notice that on your canvas that it will have a selection there with the 'marching ants'.

#3. Fill this layer with the same gradient using these settings

#4. Apply a bevel after you have filled it with the gradient..

Should look like this.

While its still selected.. *not shown*

#5. Apply the Filters Unlimited/striped paper, fine with these settings. Select NONE

ADD a new layer

You canvas should look like this now..

#6. go to Selections/load-save selection/load selection from Alpha Channel

 and pick the NC-2 and load

#7. Fill with your gradient.. but this time set the angle to 45 Invert checked 0 repeats. Select NONE and add a new layer.

#8. Load your next selection like before choosing the NC-3 an oval. fill with #d68478

#9. go to Selections/modify/contract. Contract by 2 pixels.


#10.  Fill with the gradient set to angle 45  repeats 0  invert checked

#11. Time to put the tubes on there.. open your bouquet tube and

 copy and paste on NEW layer  and position it on the right, as shown.

Then the mother and child tube position over the oval.

#12. Merge all layers flattened... and SAVE AS .jpg

Your done all except your text.. Best way is to SAVE this original

 one with out TEXT then apply the text if you want and RENAME to something else...

so you will always have the original.. that's a GOOD RULE OF THUMB to get into..

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...

Toodles till the next tutorial.