Xenofex 2

Filters Unlimited 2

My digiscrap kit is in the supplies zip

plus the 3 girl graphics ŠLola Art... you can find her wonderful artwork here:  www.lolaart.net

1 PSP brush **put the brush in your my psp files/brush folder**

I used PSP 9 for this tutorial, you could use other versions.. with a few minor adjustments


1.  Open your SWT-Purple 1 and SWT-Purple 2 bkg tiles.  Go to Filters Unlimited 2 to Edges, 

Square. you can use any edge you want.. but I used #17.  Use same edge on each of the bkg tiles.


They should look like this

2. Open a new image 500 x 500  you can crop and resize later if you'd like.

3. Copy and paste these two bkg papers on to your new image.

On the SWT-Purple 2 bkg ... go to Image/Rotate/ Free Rotate , Left/ Free  15%

4. Arrange your bkgs like I have in the finished tag.

5. Copy and paste the pink bkg tile on your working canvas.. no edging is applied to it.

 Go to Image/ Rotate/Free Rotate and use the settings below.

You 3 bkgs should look about like this below..

6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the two bkgs that have the edging to them NOT the top pink bkg.

Settings below.

7. Copy and paste the Lola girl tube that's misted.. Center it in the middle of the pink top bkg.

Click on your ERASER tool ** were not wanting to put color on the bkg tile..

were wanting to erase it in the shape of the brush**  

now and find the @DanasDoodle4 brush, in the drop down eraser brush menu.

8. Use the eraser brush on all 4 corners of the pink bkg paper.. just clicking ONCE.. on each corner..

On the top and bottom corners you don't have to adjust the rotation of the brush.

But on each side.. you will have to set the rotation of the brush to 90 degrees.  

Position your brush like the sample below where the petals of the flower brush is as shown.

SIDE Shown

TOP shown

9. Now apply a 3D drop shadow to that paper. Use these settings.

10. Your paper should look like this...

Think of like a whole puncher... we just did that to this bkg paper :-)

11.  On the two small Lola pictures that were in the zip... Copy and Paste as new layers..

 and drag their layer under the pink paper layer. Position them as the sample shows..

the one on the bottom was rotated . Any other things that you want to add, you can at this time..

in my finished tag.. I have the flowers and a bow.. The Bow and the misted girl

would be merged together... and anything that's below the pink paper would be merged.. you end up with only 3 layers. ok?

12. ok.. think of a sandwich :)  every thing on top of the pink bkg paper is bread..

and every thing below it is bread.. the Pink paper is meat.. your layer palette should look like this.

13. Select the pink paper layer that's in the center and duplicate 2 times.. so you

end up with 3 layers of the pink bkg papers, with a merged layer on top and a merged layer on bottom.

14. Click on the top copy layer of the pink bkg tile, use Xenofex 2 Constellation with

these settings on it.. Hide that layer now by clicking the EYE at the right of its layer.

and select the next copy of the pink bkg tile. Back to Xenofex 2 and use same settings

except this time click the random seed button... Hide this layer now.. and select the

original pink bkg tile layer on the layer palette and go back to

Xenofex 2 and use same settings.. clicking the random seed button.

15. You have 2 layers on the layer palette hidden or X'd out.. or SHOULD.. go to the top

of the window of the canvas and click COPY MERGE... open your animation shop and right

click on its desktop and PASTE AS NEW ANIMATION.  Go back to PSP and HIDE the

 Xenofex 2 layer that's showing.. and UNHIDE another one. COPY MERGE.. back to

Animation Shop and Right click on the frame there.. and paste behind current frame..

 One more time back to PSP and hide that Xenofex 2 layer and unhide the last one...

remember just have ONE Xenofex 2 layer un hid at a time,  do your

COPY MERGE again back to Animation shop and PASTE behind current frame... 

Check your animation to see if it looks right with the animation preview button.

You might need to crop your animation now.. remember don't cut off any of the designs

on the top, sides or bottom my mistake. Below shows the crop button.. then draw out

your crop box like shown then click the crop button.. your done!! All you have to do is SAVE AS a gif...

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time..