I used preset shapes to make this lace. Supplies. Inside the supplies zip is the preset shapes, put them in your mypspfiles/preset shapes folder and the Super Blade Pro presets put in the Super Blade Pro/Environmental folder. Sorry I don't remember where I got the Lace presets for the SBP.. I would give them credit if I knew. I also use Super Blade Pro.

 #1. Open you a new 500 x 500 transparent image. Choose your preset shapes tool... set the line width to 2, the background color to white, the foreground turned OFF. Create as a vector checked, anti-alias checked and the retain style UNchecked. You can pick ANY of the shapes on this set.. ALL of them will work and make a different looking lace.. so TRY them ALL. Drag out your shape on top left of your new canvas. Leave enough room for a duplicated one on the side of this first one.

#2. Right click on this vector layer of the lace design and convert to raster layer.

Right click and duplicate. MOVE this duplicated layer over to the right of the first design.. where they're touching in the center. Like the sample below.

#3. Merge these two layers.. and duplicate again pull the duplicated layer below the top two designs, have them touching... merge the layers and duplicate the set of 4 now. pull down below. Use the samples below as your guide. You end up with 8 on each side.

#4. Now go to Effects/Reflection Effects/Kaleidoscope.

#5. You might have to play with this setting. Have the left side all on 0's except the scale.. you might have to make it slightly smaller or larger depending on the case. the number of petals will determine the look of your lace. Try all.. to see which you like. YOU will have extra around the sides... most likely.. where the pattern is repeating its self.. these will have to be erased.

#6. Use your eraser  tool to erase these pattern repeats in the corners. See below.

#7. Go to Effects/plugins/ flaming pear/super blade pro and look for the lace preset you earlier put in the environment folder.


# 8. If you want.. you can tweak these settings for the SBP.. up at the lil window under where it has BMP.. you can change the picture, browse your other bmps for one that might make your lace look more like you want it...  I did that and ended up with 4 new entirely different looking laces... After you apply the lace preset.. apply a 3D Drop shadow on your lace..

#9.  I went one step farther here and used seamless tiling to make my lace seamless and where I could use it as a bkg tile...Notice my settings below.

 I had added a layer below the lace and applied fantasic paint engine effect to it.. then did the seamless tiling on the lace and merged the layers..


Here is the finished lace bkg...along with the brush outline right there on the top right.. duhhhhhhhh... lol.

Hope you make lots of lace.. using this technique.. its really very easy.. till next time