This tutorial uses Eye Candy 5 Textures/ Texture Noise, you can get it HERE

Simple Filters/Half wrap HERE  Supplies zip HERE

Open all the tubes that came in the supplies zip... so If you have to install the plugins also..

 if you don't know about plugins.. I have a tutorial that covers that.. so check it out.

1. Open the background tube that was in the supplies zip. This will be the

 bottom layer of the project. Copy and paste as a new layer the Oriental girl tube onto the bkg layer.

2. Do the same with the Budda tube.. copy and paste it on a new layer.

*remember to rename all your layers!* Position Budda as I have mine in the sample below.

On the Budda layer, set the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy), then lower the opacity to 22 %.

3. Copy and paste the Pagoda tube as a new layer.. make sure its above the bkg layer..

 and below the girl and budda layers. Set its blend mode to

Luminance (Legacy) also and lower its opacity like the Budda layer.

4. Your image should look like the one below. Notice the layer palette.

5. Merge all layers now.. and go to IMAGE/ADD border and use the settings below.

Use the magic WAND tool and select the new white border on the image...

fill with a gold gradient.. PSP comes with one called Metal_Brass  set it at 45 angle and

 1 repeat. *this isnt shown* While the thin border is selected add a

3D drop shadow on it... V1- H2  50% 5 blur color Black.

6. Back to IMAGE/Add border and this time make it 20 pixels, symmetric

 checked and in white again. Select with the magic wand tool   and fill with a coordinating color. I used # 047D7e.

7. After you fill with this color, go to your EFFECTS/plugins/Simple Filter/Half Wrap.

8. Time for the last outside border.. go to Image/add border like

before and make it for 5 Pixels like the very first one you did, make it with white.

 Select this white border with your magic wand tool again

and fill with the Gold gradient. No drop shadow this time.

9. If you want you can add the gold corners that I had in the supplies zip.

10. Merge all your layers,  and duplicate the merged layer 2 times..

 so you you will have 3 layers showing on your later palette now...

Use your selection tool using these settings below.

11. Make a point to point selection around the outside of the picture...

EXCLUDING the girl... like I did below

12. On the top merged duplicated layer apply

 Eye Candy 5 Textures/Texture noise using the settings below.

13. On the next two layers do the same thing with ONE exception..

hit the RANDOM SEED button each time. SO.. on each layer you used a

 different Random Seed setting.  Save your image now as an

animation (*.psp) file format and open it in Animation Shop. 

Select all the frames and right click on any frame and go down to the

 animation properties and set the speed of the animation from 10 to 25 or so..

 to slow the movement down.. SAVE AS A GIF and your done..

Toodles till next time