Hi again...This is a two stage tutorial... first were going to make the tag below..

on the second part were going to make the heart bling.. On this first part

I will show you how to use the Heart Bling BEFORE I show you HOW to make it..

 You might have some of your own blings you've made or someone shared with you..

Here is your Supplies

I have included the Angel tube, Brush files, the heart bling & the font.

Unzip these files into a working tut folder that you made.. makes it easier you always know where your supplies goes that way.

The plugin Xenofex 2 is used also in this tutorial, you can find it HERE.

 Put the two brush files ( extensions .pspbrush and .pspscript) into your mypspfiles/brush folder in MyDocs.


Open your angel tube and click Shift + D on the keyboard to duplicate the angel window..

Close the original tube. Next add a new raster layer and drag below the angel layer.

A good habit as I've said before is to always name your layers, it will be less confusing if you do.

On this new raster layer you just made and drug below the angel.. use your

fill tool and fill with white. Highlight the White bkg layer and ADD a new layer,

name it Brush. Having put the two brush files into your brush folder.. click on your brush tool

This below is the drop down preview window for all your brushes..

Scroll to find the right brush, they are in alphabetical order

Always make sure you've got the layer your wanting to affect.. selected or

 highlighted on the layer palette. you want the Brush layer to be highlighted..

so you can 'stamp' the brush. the brush layer is on top of the white bkg layer

 and below the angel layer.. the sample pic below the right layer isn't highlighted..

forgot what I was doing.. but I had switched layers..

YOU have the BRUSH layer highlighted. ok? Always WATCH that.

You can apply the brush anyway you want.. you can see how I did mine. I used #7098D4,

for the brush color. Once you get it like you want.. merge/merge down..

the brush and the white bkg layer.. so you just have a merged bkg layer.

You should have two layers now...white background ( I renamed it ) and the

 Angel layer, right click on the angel layer and duplicate it two times... where you have 3 layers of the angel.

As shown below..

Choose your selection tool now... set on Freehand/ Point to Point selection type..0 feather

And carefully go around the edges of the angel where you want the sparkles..

 Any other time you wouldn't have to do this.. you'd want the sparkles all the way

around.. but on this project I don't want sparkles on her legs, head and dress.

Just the wings. If you don't know how to use the point to point selection..

 I have another tutorial showing you how to do that.. check it out.

After you have the selection on the wings... go to EFFECTS/ Plugins/ Alien Skin Xenofex 2/ Constellation.

Use these settings on the TOP Angel layer.

X out or hide the top Angel layer and highlight the next layer down.. and go to the Xenofex 2 again..

This time though.. use same settings BUT his the RANDOM SEED button...

X out or hide that angel layer.. and highlight the bottom Angel layer..

 the original one.. and apply the Xenofex 2 on it also.. same settings HIT the RANDOM SEED button again...

Below shows how I duplicated the White Bkg layer 2 times.. so I have 3 layers of the angel.. and 3 layers of the white bkg...

Drag an angel layer down on top of a white bkg layer.... so from top to bottom

 you will have Angel.. white bkg... Angel.. white bkg.. Angel... white bkg..

Your layer palette SHOULD look just like this one..

Right click or highlight on EACH angel layer and merge/merge down.

You should have 3 merged layers on your layer palette now

If you have too much white around the sides.. you can use your crop tool

BE CAREFUL NOT to crop any of the brush design off.. That looks BAD and a big NO NO on a finished graphic or tag..

Now is time to SAVE AS  your three merged layers now. Save as a .pspimage format.

 Open the Angel you just saved, in PSP's Animation shop. Below I will show you

 how to add a bling to it.. The angel's 3 layers are now 3 frames in animation...

click Ctrl + A , this selects all the frames.  Open your heart bling you made or

snagged or the one I had in the supplies zip. It has three frames also. Ctrl + A to select all the bling frames.

Click on the first frame of the bling and drag to the first frame of the angel...

DON'T let go of your mouse till you get it RIGHT WHERE you WANT it...

if you let go there is NO moving it.. You can UNDO each of the actions of each graphic but cant move it once its set. SEE below.

Now if you want you can save you NEW animation.. go to File/SAVE AS a .GIF..

I wanted to put my name on it.. SO I selected all the frames on the new angel animation..

 just in case they weren't selected.. and clicked Shift + X

on the key board.. that EXPORTS back to PSP.

It will automatically take you to PSP as shown below.. you have 3 frames on the layer palette..

 ADD a new RASTER Layer on top... Type the name you want to use... pick the colors.. font.. etc..

The sample below shows that I used Vertical spacing on my text.

When you click the Text tool I set the Direction on Vertical and left.. click

on the lil arrow next to the Directions window.. you also have to adjust your Kerning

to a minus number to bring your letters closer together... don't forget that.

This is different setting depending on what font you use..

 Mine the kerning was set on -261 with the Hole Hearted TTF I put in the supplies zip.

I typed my name.. applied an inner bevel using the settings below.

Then applies a Drop shadow using these settings below.

Now on your layer palette you have the top added Text layer.. you just typed

the text on.. then the 3 bottom frames.. you need to DUPLICATE the Text layer 2 times..

 you should have 3 layers of text and the 3 frame layers.. Drag a Text layer down

on top of a frame layer.. you should have Text layer on top of EACH frame..

 then merge/merge down.. you end up with 3 frame layers again... click the X in right corner like your closing the graphic

When this lil window pops up.. click NO

The next window.. you click YES and it will automatically take you back to

 animation shop with your new animation.. with the name on it.. SAVE AS a GIF...

 save it with a new name.. that way you keep the original animation without TEXT on it..

Click below to go to the bling tutorial.

Part 2