I'd like to show you how to make a sparkle Bling. It takes Xenofex 2 / Constellation

You can do this with any shapes.. one that you draw yourself.. or a preset shape etc..

 I start with a 300 x 300 transparent canvas. Fill the layer with a dark color..

don't matter which color.. you will later delete this layer.. This is just so you can see what you're working on

Use your Preset shape tool It doesn't matter what colors you use..

 but you have to have a foreground AND background color picked. In this sample below

I used a heart shape.. but you could use ANY shape you want. Draw your shape out..  Use the settings below.

On the layer palette right click on the vector shape layer and convert to raster layer.

Name your HEART layer.. right click on the Heart layer on the palette

 and duplicate twice.. you need to have 3 Heart layers when done.

On the top heart layer.. (make sure the layer is highlighted) go to EFFECTS/plugins/Xenofex 2/Constellation

Use these settings below. Make sure you have the Make Selection transparent checked..

before in the first part of the tutorial... you had the Keep original image checked..

X out or hide the top Heart layer and highlight the next heart layer down.. its the

MIDDLE heart layer. Go to your Xenofex 2 again and use the same settings but this

time hit the RANDOM SEED button.. click ok.. Hide that middle heart layer and highlight

 the bottom Heart layer.. go to Xenofex 2 and use same settings but clicking

the RANDOM SEED button again. Now DELETE the Bottom filled layer.. in mine it was the blue.. so now you have 3 heart layers left..

Use your crop tool and crop around the hearts

Save this file as a .pspimage file.. when your ready to use your bling.. just open the file

in animation shop.. NEVER save it as a GIF.. IF its on a transparent bkg.. it looks horrible..

 unless its on a bkg...So always keep your blings in .pspimage format like a tube is.

When your ready to use your blings.. open them in Animation shop... I show you on the

 first part of this tutorial how to put the bling onto a tag or graphic.. check back there again..

Hope this helped you.. and you enjoyed it..

Toodles.. till next time..