Used in this tutorial is the artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott ( the lil girl and geese.. )

 Her tubes can no longer be purchased, but if you purchased before.. please use

your license #. Mine is   SW881

This is a pretty easy tag to put together... but I do assume that

you know your way around PSP.... It was done with PSP XI but

can be done with any version. Included in the materials zip.

 The farm scene background (artist unknown) *open on your PSP desktop*

 Assorted tubes...Fence, bow, 2 ribbons, card, vine  *open on your PSP desktop*

 2 animated butterflies *open in Animation Shop*

 3 country background tiles

 Girl and geese tube NOT included

Materials HERE


#1 Open the Farm Girl jpg with the farm scene on it... also

your girlie tube, right click on the top of the girl tube and COPY..

then right click on the top of the farm scene and PASTE as a new layer.


#2 Do the same with the fence tube COPY and PASTE as a new layer.

 Drag the fence layer below the girl layer on the layer palette.

Open the Heart ribbon and copy and paste as a new layer.

Have it behind the girl but on top of the fence, see in sample below.

#3 Go to effects/3D effects/ drop shadow

 and apply a 3D drop shadow, use the settings below.

#4 Do the same to the girl and apply a 3D drop shadow

to her using the same settings as you used for the fence.

#5. You can use the country bkg tiles I included in the

 supplies zip or use your own.. go to IMAGE/ add a border   20 pixels,

and use the settings below. Use a totally different color that's what's

in the tag so far.. don't worry this frame will be filled with the country bkg fill.

#6 Once the border is there on the canvas.. use your magic wand tolerance

set to 20 feather 0 and select the new border.

Click on the fill tool and fill it with whatever country bkg tile you want to use.

#7 Apply a 3D drop shadow while the border is still selected using the below settings.

#8 IMAGE/ add a border in 4 pixels this time. Select with magic wand again and fill with coordinating fill.

#9 Add another border of 40 pixels, select the border with your magic wand and fill with a 3rd country fill bkg tile.

#10 Open the 2nd ribbon supplied and copy and paste it as a new

 layer, then go to IMAGE/free rotate. and set it to left,

free 45 degrees. Position the ribbon where you want..

#11  I included a vine tube in supplies if you would like to use it..

 just copy and paste as a new layer and put it on top of the fence.

You can copy and paste the bow also at this time.. and the card...

Get everything positioned where you want it... When you do...

 Merge all flattened...then right click on the top of the canvas

window and COPY... open your Animation shop and right click on

 its desktop and PASTE as a new animation. Open the butterfly animations I supplied now...

#12 You need to make sure you have the same amount of frames

in your farm scene animation.. as you do in the butterfly animation.

The butterfly as 9 frames SO you need to duplicate the one frame of

 the farm scene by clicking this button 4 times that should give

you 9 frames now... Go to EDIT/ select all frames.. or click Ctrl + A on

keyboard to do the same... and select all the frames on the butterfly

animation too by doing the same. Now you click & drag FRAME ONE

of the butterfly animation over to the FRAME ONE of the country

 scene animation... do NOT let go of your mouse until you have the

 butterfly EXACTLY where you want it on the farm scene animation..

 then let go.. Do the same thing for the second butterfly.. on the

butterfly animation there is no butterfly now. just UNDO... Ctrl + Z 

 and have all frames selected and drag the FRAME one over to the

FRAME one of the farm scene. Check your animation to see if you like it..

the speed and all but clicking this button the preview animation button.

 If you want to adjust the speed of the animation.. then be sure all

frames are selected then right click on any frame.. go down to animation

properties.. and adjust the number.. the higher the number the slower

the animation is... Remember if you get the butterfly where you don't

 want it.. can always UNDO.. SAVE as a GIF now.. and your done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... till next time friends..