You can get Flaming Pear's Flood plugin HERE

Here is the tube I used if you want to also.

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

Open the tube that's here in the zip. If your going to use that.. I've already resized the canvas size.. if you use another one.. you need to go to Image/canvas size and make the canvas about twice the height of the tube.. same width. Move the tube up at the top of the canvas window. So you will have room for the water effect below. On your the tube layer and right click and DUPLICATE the later 3 or 4 times depending on how smooth the motion of the water you want. After you duplicate the tube layer.. you click on the top layer that's on the layer palette... and go to your plugins and find the flaming pear plugins/flood effect . This sample below is of the plugin window and how it looks.

The button at the bottom left that look like 2 dice.. clicking it will give you samples of the different water looks, when you toggle through them you will understand.. depending on what kind of LOOK your after.. when you find the one you want.. you click OK.. now on the layer palette.. click on the NEXT duplicated tube layer and go to the flood plugin again.. all you have to do this time is click the glue button.. shown below... this will keep the same water effect but will change the motion of it.. or wave part of this.. you don't want to use different water effects from the dice button on each of the layers it wouldn't look right.. you use same settings just different clue positions.. just click the glue button once.. then on to the next tube layer and click the glue button again till you have all of the tube layers done with the flood effect.

When all the tube layers have the flood applied on them.. then ADD a new raster layer fill it with what ever background color you want.. I used black here. Now duplicate the black bkg layer same amount of times as you have tube layers..

Drag EACH of the tube layers down on top of its OWN bkg layer.. selecting each tube layer on the layer palette and merge/merge down . 

This merges the tube layer and just the ONE layer below it.. which should be the black bkg layer that goes with it.. You end up with the original number of layers you started out with.. when you duplicated all the tube layers.. 4 or 5..



You can now save as your new image in a PSP animation {*.psp} format. You can close it out.. and open it in your animation shop... You might have to go to EDIT/select all frames and  right click on any frame and go to frame properties and adjust the animation speed from 10 sec to 25 or so... once you get it like you want.. you SAVE AS.. .gif

TOODLES till next time