Artwork by ©AmyBrown CILM license # CI-2986LM 

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HERE is the supplies for this tutorial. (Fairy not included in the supplies)

 The above animation is what were going to create in this  Click shift + D to

duplicate your fairy tube window, close the original one. I already made

you the bubbles for this project and put them on separate layers and named

 them for you.. as you can see on y our layer palette. You should have 4 layers there..

 the bottom one is the Fairy then the bubbles as named. Click on the Fairy layer

as shown and ADD a new raster layer. Click on the new Raster layer

and drag it BELOW the fairy layer.. this is going to be your background layer.

 First RIGHT click on the new raster layer and RENAME it to BKG.....

See below the new background layer.. now use your FILL tool and fill this BKG tool with WHITE.

On your layer palette.. click on the BIG BUBBLE layer and right

click and duplicate it 2 times so you have 3 BIG bubbles now.


As it is shown below..


Take one of the duplicates of the BIG bubble layer and click

and select it on the layer palette.. . and go to IMAGE/RESIZE

Use these same settings as below. Reducing  50%

Click on another BIG bubble layer and do same,  but use these settings resizing 75%

RENAME these 3 layers *originally BIG bubble layer* to B1 B2 B3.

Position one bubble at a time on the fairy's wand, use your WARP brush tool

with the settings shown on the 2nd picture below... and 'PULL' the one side of

the bubble as shown, just a tiny bit.. to make it kind of tear shaped.. position

 the brush like it shows.. if your brush don't look like what mine does..


on the display and caching tab set your presentation like this below

Now your tool will look like this below... As I mentioned pull using the

warp brush to make one side of the bubble look like its coming OUT

of the bubble wand. You know how bubbles look when blown out.

Do each of the B1 B2 and B3 bubbles this way.


Not shown here BUT don't forget to apply a 3D drop shadow on your

 FAIRY right now... never want to forget drop shadows.. they really

enhance a project and make it look dimensional and professional.

Right click on the FAIRY layer on the palette and

 duplicate 2 times.. so you should have 3 layers of her.

Drag B1 layer on top of the bottom fairy layer..


Now B2 on top of the copy of Fairy layer...and the last B 3 on top of the last copy of Fairy.

Your palette should look like the one below. Don't forget to position each bubble right at the wand.

RIGHT click on the B1 layer on the palette and MERGE/ MERGE DOWN.

 this will merge only the one bubble and the one fairy layer.

Shown below. Do this with each of the B layers.

NOTE: Always be careful NOT to move by accident any of the layers...

or your animation will jump and not look right.. would have to start over or UNDO a bunch of times..

Your project should look like this now...See the small Bubble and Med bubble

 layers those are just free floating bubbles I put in there.. you can merge

 them with the white bkg layer now.. drag them down to above the white bkg.. and merge them both with it.

 For some reason I DON'T have a capture of this.. duhhhhh on me..

 but now is the time.. to click on the Wht BKG layer. Open that castle

 tube that was in the supplies zip and copy and paste onto new layer.

 if you had white bkg layer selected on layer palette.. it will put this

 castle layer right above it.. Position the castle tube where you want

it on your project.. look at my finished animation for reference.

Remember where the bubble will be.. don't want too much stuff behind that area.

When you get the castle where you want it.. merge that layer

with the bkg layer so on that one Bkg layer you should have those 2 small

bubbles and the castle on there.. put your watermark now if you want...

once you do that.. right click on the White BKG layer and duplicate 2 times...

drag a fairy layer down on top of a bkg layer.. your palette should look like below.

Click on a Fairy layer and merge down. you do this with all fairy layers.. ending up with 3 layers on the layer palette.

I wanted to put some noise animation on this.. so I used my magic wand tool

with these settings below... and click some areas of the wings..

After you select the areas you want... you go to Adjust/Add Noise and

use this setting below on the top layer on the palette.. you have to use

 a diff % to each of the layers. started at 20%  go to 23% and 25% on each wing layer.


I wanted the clouds to have a noise on them too... so used a different

setting than i did for the wings.. I use the magic want again... and selected areas..

 of the clouds.. then used the add noise effect, This time I used these settings

below and started with 2% 4% 6% on the clouds EACH of the layers.

OK all your layers are merged, the noise is on them.. etc... now if you want

 your fairy to look like she's blowing you  use the Warp brush..

Click on the TOP layer on the layer palette.

Settings as below.. make the brush same size and put it right over her chest.. click ONCE only...

For copyright purposes the finished fairy at the top don't have her chest moving.. ( the tube is not suppose to have anything changed on her ) but will show you how to do this..

Any time you use warp brush you have to sharpen just that area. you warped..

so use your selection tool in circle pattern and put it just like what I have

 below and go to Adjust/Sharpness/Sharpen do it ONCE only. Look below.

Unselect. Now go to SAVE AS and save as an Animation Shop (*.psp) file type.

Open the newly saved Fairy in animation shop... hit Ctrl + A to select all

frames.. right click on ANY frame.. and go to animation properties.

first set the frames to 30 then just click on the last frame.. the one where she's

blowing the biggest bubble and right click on that one and set the timing to 100.

SAVE AS a GIF.. and your done.. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial..


till next time