In this tutorial I thought I would show you some tricks with your text tool.. using seamless tiles to fill fat fonts. You know we have all been this way trying to figure out how to do certain things in PSP...I am here to help ya!!

Here are two fonts I zipped for you, that would be good for this exercise.


Drag & Drop arrow

You can use either of these seamless tiles below, or can use your own...

To save these just right click on them.. open in your PSP and just minimize.

On your materials palette below change it to pattern on the background/fill box. On the top foreground/stroke box pick a color that goes with the pattern your using..

Left click on the background/fill box and this window below comes up. Any pattern tile that you have open on your PSP desktop will show in this drop down window, as you see below.

Below shows you the settings for your TEXT tool.. Set it on Vector. Direction in Horizontal & down, the width of the stroke is up to you... and Line Style is also up to you.. its whatever look your wanting. On the heading at the top of this tutorial I used a styled line not just straight.

When you apply your text... right click on the Vector layer on the layer palette.. and convert  to raster layer..

The text will be on its own layer.. so go to Selections/select all / float.. now you can apply glass effects or inner bevels.. or 3D shadows.. what ever looks good to you.

Below I use Super Blade Pro and applied the coconut ice preset. You can find that preset HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial.. till next time