This tutorial uses Eye Candy 4000 you can get it HERE

Supplies HERE

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This is an Intermediate or Advanced level. So I'm assuming you know

your PSP tools.. where they are etc.. This is how our finished project

 should look.. There are many variations in doing this project.. finding a

different tube.. putting a tag back on it.. using brushes.. etc..

I will let you use your creative juices on that.. sounds messy huh hehe....

This is just the basic way to use the Eye Candy Drip effect..

In the supplies zip, I included the below pspimage tub.. it already has

the white background layer hid... and the tube layer duplicated 3 times

 so that there are 4 tube layers all together. .plus the white bkg layer..

 I've also made the selection of where the drip needs to be applied to

the tube.. If you don't select the area that you want the drip to be..

then  the whole tube image would drip!!!!...the pspimage should look just like the capture below.

You apply the EC4000 Drip effect on EACH of the TUBE layers..

using these same settings each time EXCEPT the Random Seed.

It is clicked each time you apply the effect to a tube layer....

After all the Tube layers get the EC4000 applied to them..

then you put a 3D drop shadow on each of those 4 layers. Use the settings below.

Now Duplicate the White Bkg 3 times so that you have 4 layers of it..

 drag EACH tube layer down on top of a white bkg layer  in turn

you merge DOWN  a tube layer and a White Bkg layer....

you should end up with 4 merged layers.. if not then BACK TRACK  lol you did something wrong..

Below you can see on the layer palette there are the 4 layers each

with a white bkg and a tube merged on them... each of those tube

 layers had EC 4000 applied to them.. I now added a NEW raster layer..

to put my text on it... As you can see I did just that in the sample below..

Once I do that.. I duplicate the text layer as many times as needed

to match each of the merged layers below.. then I pulled each

of the text layers down on top of a merged tube/bkg layer.

You end up with 4 layers again...

You Save As  Animation Shop (*.psp) format then open it in Animation Shop.

Select ALL frames.. adjust the animation speed to 25 or so.. save as .gif


Toodles till next time!!