The above tag is what we're making in this tutorial.. Included in the supplies zip .

 Y Two files for the tree brush * extract to brush folder*

 Y Gradient for the background, *extract to gradient folder*

 Y Two fairy tubes, *open on your PSP desk top*

 Y Gold Bead bkg tile *open on your PSP desktop*

 Y 2 star line animations. * open in Animation Shop*

You can get the supplies zip HERE.

I've also used several plugins for this project, they are VDL Adrenaline *snowflakes* can download HERE

Eye Candy Textures * Diamond plate* you can find that HERE

If you need help in installing plugins refer to my tutorial on using PLUGINS.

#1 Start with opening a new image 500 x 500 fill it with the the

gradient that was in the supplies zip. Use the settings below.

#2  Add a new raster layer, find the Grunge 10 brush on your

 drop down brush preview window and 'stamp' it on the canvas...

 by putting it on its own layer you can move it around if you

don't like where you originally put it. I used # 677153e  for the brush color.

#3 Go to Image/ add a border use these settings below.

 Use white, Click on your magic wand tool and select the white border.

#4 Set your foreground box to material and find the gold bead on the drop down list..

Fill the white border with the gold bead fill.

#5 Go to selections/select all/ ... selections again/modify/ contract selection 15 pixels

#6 Selections/ Modify/Select Selection Borders, use this setting below

#7 Fill this border with the gold bead fill.

#8  Copy and paste your two fairy tubes on to the canvas...

refer to placement like the finished piece up at the top of page.

#9 Use your magic wand  and select the space between

 the two gold bead borders.. you might have to click several times

to select it all.. once its selected,  be SURE your  on the FACE fairy layer...

 and CUT or DELETE  . That will cut the over hang on the fairy's face

 so it wont go past the borders... do NOT cut off the fairy's wings

on the other side.. though.. those are suppose to lap over.

#10 Set the opacity of the fairy's face to 65% on the layer palette.

#11  Merge all flatten now.. so you have just one background layer.

Use your magic wand again and select the area between the

two gold bead borders again like you did before. This time go to

Eye Candy Textures * Diamond Plate*. Go to the Settings tab and

use the Brass Small setting. You can go to the Basic tab if

you like and adjust the Feature size up at the top if you like...

#12 Duplicate the background layer 2 times now.. so you will have

 a total of 3 layers on your layer palette. Use the magic wand

tolerance on 15 feather 0 * you might have to tweak the settings* 

Try selecting the light strands of the fairy's hair.. you don't want

to select the dark part.. I should look kind of like the sample below.

#13  Making sure you're on the TOP copy 2 of the background layer

 like shown on the layer palette above.. go to Effects/ VDL Adrenaline

(Snowflakes) and use these settings below. On the snow color..

I used #f23aa6, a bright pink, apply the effect on the first layer.

Highlight the next middle layer and go to the snowflakes again and

just slide the random seed to a higher number.. that's the only thing

you change.. it don't matter what number. Back to the layer

palette select the bottom background layer and again go to

effects/snowflakes and move the random seed again to higher number..

#14 Unselect, using the magic wand again same setting..

 select parts of the wings of the fairy.. don't do it solid.. it looks

 better if its.. scattered around.  Go to Adjust/add-remove noise/add noise..

use these settings below to the TOP background layer.. highlight the

middle layer and change the noise to bottom background layer, 30%.

#15 There are two ways you can get your 3 layers over to Animation

 shop now... One is to highlight the top layer on palette  hit the Ctrl + C

to copy then go to Animation shop and right click on its desk top

and Paste as new animation.. then back to PSP click on the middle layer..

 Ctrl + C to copy  go to AS and right click on the new animation

with ONE frame.. and paste behind current frame.. the back to

 PSP highlight bottom background layer and over to AS and right

 click on the animation and paste behind the current frame..

 that's ONE way. the other way.. is in PSP SAVE AS an

 animation shop (*.psp) format then open it in PSP.. do which ever your comfy with.

#16  Last thing to the star animations to the sides...

ok you have 3 frames there in that new fairy animation YES???

 you need to have same amount of frame in it.. as the star animation has...

 so the star animation has 7 frames... you need your fairy animation

to have 7 also.. it has 3.. so  Ctrl + A to select all the frames on the

fairy... then go up to the duplicate frames button click it once..

that makes 6 frames now.. you need one more.. so go to

 FRAME 2 click on it.. COPY then go to the end of the line behind

 frame #6 and add behind it.. so you end up with 7 frames...

Have them all selected now.. and move up where you can see

Frame #1 like below. As you can see you also have the star

 animation open too and all of its frames selected also...

click HOLD mouse down and drag frame ONE of the star animation..

up to Frame ONE of the fairy animation.. position it where

you want it BEFORE YOU LET GO OF MOUSE button...

or it sticks where you let it go at... if you didn't do it right then

UNDO both of them.. the Fairy and the Star animation...

If you keep wanting to put more and more of the star animations

on your fairy like I put 4 then click on the star animation..

UNDO.. drag the animation to the FIRST frame of the fairy animation

 again right where you want it and let go of mouse.. do this over

and over till you get all you want on there..  to CHECK your animation

to see if it looks right.. click this button up at the top in AS

This will show you the speed of the animation and how it all looks..

remember you can always UNDO.. thank goodness!!!!

Save your new animation as a GIF... hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time