I didn't write this script that makes this animated DASH TEXT effect.. I was told that the original script tutorial no longer exists.. I checked and it doesn't.. If I KNEW who wrote or come up with the script I would give him/her their credit.. IF YOU KNOW let me know and I will do just that. Meanwhile I wanted to write a tutorial showing how this script is used... it took me a while to figure out how to use it myself and finally did. Here is what I come up with


I'm assuming you are at least on an intermediate level of knowledge concerning PSP. Unzip this Script into your MyDocuments/mypspfiles/Restricted Scripts folder It should be visible on the Script drop down list.. on the Scripts tool bar. The script name is NCdashedblinkie.

Create a new image 500 x 500 you can resize or crop later...Design you a TAG, * I have a tutorial 'Simple tag' that you can refer to to make your tag* complete with background, your tube.. whatever else your going to put on it..Plan WHERE the TEXT will be placed on it.. Think of that while 'building' your tag. complete the tag totally except for the text your going to put on it.. Merge/ Visible all layers.

Go to FILE/New and create a new image  500 x 500 again, this time just on a transparency... no color.. no bkg etc.. use your Text tool, set on VECTOR and type in  your text on the blank canvas..  position the text where you want.. referring to the tag you made.. put the text about in that same spot.. can't move it once you apply the script.. will be too late.

Set the outline *foreground color on your materials palette to black.. can try different colors.. but I found that black or real dark shows up best... then the background fill, set on whatever color/gradient/or fill you would like. Set your LINE STYLE to SMALL DASH and stroke width set on 2 or 3 *might have to try both to see which best* once you do these steps *these options are on the TOOL OPTIONS BAR.. See sample below.

...click on the 'Run selected script' button to apply the script.

 it will automatically go through the steps as you sit and watch. it creates 3 layers each with the text and the dashed outlines on them.

Now on your created Tag you made.. click that window to make it active and Ctrl + C to copy then go and click on the TEXT image window and right click and paste as a NEW layer.  Name this layer TAG. drag this TAG layer on the layer palette to the BOTTOM of the list.. *sample below* don't MOVE any of the text layers.. on the layers palette.. click on the TAG layer and right click and duplicate layer 2 times.. you want to have 3 layers of the TAG layer to match the 3 layers of TEXT the script created.. now DRAG a text layer down on top of  a TAG layer... you want to do that with all three text layers... from the top to bottom on the layer palette have the layers as follows... TEXT.. TAG  TEXT  TAG  TEXT TAG... this assuming you RENAMED the layers on the layer palette.. its always a GOOD rule of thumb to rename your layers so you wont get them mixed up.

On my finished TAG sample.. I applied an inner bevel and a 3D drop shadow on EACH of the text layers to add more depth and look more 'finished'.

Below is the Inner bevel settings..

Below is the 3D drop shadow settings

Click on EACH TEXT layer and merge/merge down.. that will merge that Text layer  and the TAG layer below it.. into ONE merged layer.. you do that with each of the Text layers.. you SHOULD end up with 3 merged layers when done.


Here is time to select and crop around the image if there is too much white bkg around it.. I use selection tool for this .. rectangle set on 0 feather.. you could use the crop tool also. Notice the layer palette there is the 3 merged layers there.

Time to SAVE AS Animation Shop (*.psp) type of file.

In Animation shop open this image you just saved in PSP. SAVE AS a .gif type of file.

Click the Customize button on the next window after clicking the SAVE button above.

Set the options on Colors tab as shown below. Leave optimizations tab options on default.

Click OK and finish it.. Now your DONE!!!

Hope I made this clear.. and you enjoyed the tutorial..

TOODLES till next time