This tutorial deals with making a CUBE

using the plugin Vizros 4, download it Here

Here is the Rose TUBE I used if you want to use it.. or you can choose your own..

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial



Open any tube your wanting to Shift + D to duplicate the window then close the original tube so you wont mess it up for future use. :-)

We have to prepare the image with all the bkgs ,decoration, text and all before we apply the box plugin. There is no limit as to what you can do at this point.. you can put any bkgs or textures on this.. and such.. this is just how I DID IT... go by as a general 'HOW TO' guide ok?

I added a layer behind the tube.. and filled it with a coordinating color.. I usually pick two colors.. that go with the tube.. sometimes a lighter shade of one.

After I get the bkg and texture behind the tube * don't forget to put a drop shadow on your tube* go to IMAGE/ADD Border and use one of the colors you picked with the settings like below..

Add another border now with the other color you picked and use these settings here below..

It should look like below.. with two borders.. on the layer palette.. you have ONE bkg layer now.. when you apply a border it merges all layers to ONE.. so right click on the bkg layer on the layer palette and promote to bkg layer..

You need to enlarge the canvas at this stage... so go to IMAGE/CANVAS SIZE and choose a size thats about 100 pixels bigger on each side.. and use the 'placement' for the tube window in center as shown... the dimensions will be diff for every one.. cause every ones Tube window was diff size to start with.

ADD A Layer on the layer palette and DRAG to BELOW the tube layer and fill with one of the coordinating colors.. see below.. on the left.. then I applied a texture using Filters Unlimited 2.0

 I merged/all/flattened ..Now I have one bkg layer

I added my watermark and text as you can see below

When you get your graphic/image looking just like you like.. with added tubes.. text.. textures.. bkgs.. etc... *try to center every thing, making it a cube, it works better that way*

Now go to Effects/plugins/ Vizros 4/ Box

depending on the size of your original graphic.. you might have to adjust the Dimensions the X, Y & Z ones... don't have any of the tube going off the side and disappearing.. that wouldn't be good. :) for the other settings use pretty much like I have below.. Now the Positions.. click all of them.. and you can see how the cube changes... the View Angle too.. So you can get a feel on how the CUBE plugin works..

After you have applied Vizros 4  go over to the layer palette and right click on the background layer and promote to layer.. then use your magic wand tool set on Tolerance 20 Feather 1 and click on the white that's around the cube.. then CUT or DELETE.. the white.. Apply a Drop shadow on the cube.. using the settings below..

Adding a 3D shadow on the Cube.

Merge ALL/ flatten now.. you will have one bkg layer AGAIN... You need to right click on that bkg layer on the layer palette and DUPLICATE two times.. so you end up with 3 layers now.

Click your MAGIC WAND tool.. tolerance 20  Feather 0 and click on WHATEVER part of the cube you want to put the noise glitter animation on.. iffffffff your going to animate your cube that is... if not you can just save as a jpg now.. but if your going to animate like I did mine.. keep a goin!!!

Select all the areas.. you want the noise glitter on..


on EACH of the 3 layers on the layer palette.. start at top.. go to ADJUST/Add/REMOVE noise/ ADD noise and start with these settings like below on the top bkg layer.. Next bkg layer down * would be center one* use 20 % on it.. and the bottom bkg layer use 25% noise on it.. so all three bkg layers have diff setting of noise % ok?

If you have too much white around the edges and want to clean up.. then use your selection tool set on rectangle Feather 0 and the anti-alias checked ALWAYS have it checked no matter what your working on.

then Crop..


Still have 3 bkg layers yes? if not oops something went wrong and UNDO till you get back to the spot where you messed up..

SAVE AS now.. Animation Shop (*.psp) all you have to do is open it in animation shop and SAVE AS .gif.. and your done..

When you save it in PSP do NOT save it as .pspimage cause when in animation shop it will NOT see it.. it has to be saved in  Animation Shop (*.psp) file format.. like it shows below..


Hope this Tutorial was enjoyable to you... and that you learned something..

Toodles till next one!!