Here is what were working on today

 I use 4 plugins on this tag.. Alien Skins Xenofex 2/ Constellation you can get it HERE

The other plugins I use are freeware * DC special/ Deep Dream... Tormentia/Criss Cross....Birgits Chaos/Embroidery* ... here is the zip of them HERE

The rest of the supplies for this tutorial.. a word brush... gradient and two tubes is HERE

This tutorial requires you have a working knowledge of PSP 9, knowing your tools...and how to load and use plugins.

1. Open the tube named Skyline.pspimage  Add a new layer and drag below the skyline misted layer. Fill that new added layer with the gradient supplied in the supplies zip named lyndiegradient013. Use the settings below.

2. Don't forget to rename your layers on the layer palette, its less confusing if you do that.. just right click on a layer and RENAME.

3. Making sure you're on the gradient filled layer... apply Birgits Chaos/Embroidery with the settings below.

4. Now duplicate the Gradient bkg layer 2 times.. so you end up with 3 layers of the gradient layer.

5. Apply  DC Special/ Deep Dream effect on the first/top layer of the gradient bkg.. See above that layer is highlighted.

Use these settings below.  Do this to the other two layers of the Gradient bkg... but each time.. when you go to apply the plugin.. move the random seed slider over some.. don't matter really what numbers.


6. Select your PEN tool using the settings below.

7. Put your first dot/node up at top.. click then let go.. go down to bottom part of oval and click the mouse again.. this makes a line that connects to the top node... straighten the line by moving that bottom node.. right click then APPLY. Do this same thing with the other 2 lines.  These lines will be a vector layer.. so on the layer palette right click on that layer and convert to raster.... ok now you duplicate the lines layer 2 times so you have 3 all together.

8. Apply Eye Candy Xenofex's/ Constellation  using the settings below. on the top layer of the duplicated lines.. you use the Xenofex on ALL 3 layers of the lines.. but the 2nd and 3rd time you hit the random seed button.. so that the settings change.

9. This is what your layer palette should look like. You should have 3 layers of the LINES.. 3 layers of the misted SKYLINE ..3 layers of the gradient bkg.  9 layers in all. If you don't.. back track or start over if you have to..

10. You should merge/visible a Line layer *on top* , a Skyline layer *in middle*.. and the Gradient bkg layer * should be on bottom*.. X out or hide all the other layers.. merge visible those 3 layers... then X that merged one out and unhide the next 3 just like the first 3 you just merged.  See how I did it below.

11. Ok you should end up with 3 merged layers.  Open the girl tube I supplied and copy and paste her on to your working canvas.

Apply a shadow on her with these settings.. I used # 993366 . Or use what looks good to you... Position the girl on the bottom left of the canvas.. looking at where I put mine in the finished project above. If you would like.. you can apply the word brush I supplied to the right of her. .as in the finished animation.

12. Time to duplicate the Girl tube layer 2 times and merge each of her layers with a merged layer that you previously merged * the 3*. Look


13. Go to Image/canvas size. Your sized should be the same as mine here in the sample. Use these settings.

14. Add a top new layer.. and use your magic wand and select the blank area on the outside of the graphic , it should be selected like a frame area.. fill it with a coordinating color you want.. Apply a drop shadow on it using these settings below

15. While the 'frame' is still selected.. apply the Tormentia/ criss cross plugin to the frame. *not shown, don't ask me why.. cant find the dang capture* it should put the lines on it like in the pic above.

16. Duplicate your frame layer 2 times... just like you did all the others and merge a frame layer with a merge layer.. End up with 3 merged layers again.. Save as an animation (*.psp) file type and open in Animation shop... SAVE as a .GIF

Your done.. hope you enjoyed this one.. till next time.