I'm using PSP 9 on this tutorial but you can use any version of PSP 

So you have to have a good working knowledge of your PSP tools. Then you could use any version.

Here is the supplies zip that has the tube, brushes and bronze gradient in it

The fairy artwork is by ŠAnna Ignatieva

I use Eye Candy Textures, Visual Manipulation

 and Eye Candy 4000  plugins in this tutorial

This is what we're going to create this time... Have FUN!!

Lets start with a NEW image 500 x 500. 

I used #e2b48F for foreground/stroke color and #6f4123 for background/fill color

Then put the foreground property box  to gradient *Foreground-Background*

gradient using the two above mentioned colors. Here's what your materials box should look like.

Fill the 500 x 500 canvas with this gradient with these settings below.

Go to EFFECTS/ plugins/VM Extravaganza/Transmission

In the sample below.. I get to my VM Extravaganza plugin through my Filters Unlimited 2.0.

You don't have to have FU 2.0 Filters. Unlimited has it as Visual Manipulation

Go up to View/Rulers and toggle them on. At first the guides don't show.. you have to go

to the top click right at the edge of the ruler and pull down dragging the guide line down to

 250 then over on left side, click right at the edge of ruler and drag to 250 the guide

 lines will then be like a cross hair giving the exact placement of CENTER.

Use your selection tool on CIRCLE and pull out a circle

 starting at the place where the two guides cross.


This way the circle will be exactly in center of canvas.. stop at

 where it looks about 3/4 inch from the sides. See sample below.

Once you get your circle drawn.. you can go to View and toggle OFF your rulers but

 BEFORE you do.. you will have to grab the guides and pull off to side and to top..

to get ride of them.. even if you turned off your rulers the guides would stay.. that

bugs me.. don't know about you lol. SO grab and pull!! Pull the one of the side UP and pull the top one to the side.

ADD A NEW Layer then fill the circle selection with the same gradient but check

INVERT this time. Be sure you NAME THESE LAYERS , it helps to keep up with what's going on.. SAVE OFTEN too!!

While the circle selection is still selected.. Go to EFFECTS/3D effects/drop shadow and use these settings below.

INVERT your selection now.. and do another 3D shadow using these settings and color.. as below.


Once you've applied your drop shadow 2nd time.. go to EFFECTS/ Plugins/EyeCandy

Textures. On the Settings TAB choose HARD RAIN. On the Basic tab use these settings below.

Duplicate this Circle layer name it Circle 2..Set this *top* circle layer on Burn ..40% opacity.


Time to use your Flower Brush I included in the zip A+PT2-5  #4d2b15.. Use it at

largest set size..500 and click ONCE, about in the middle of the canvas. Look at

 the finished TAG up top to see placement I used. Go to Effects/Edge effects/ Enhance.

 One click. Duplicate this flower layer name it Flower 2. Set the top flower layer on SCREEN.

 Drag this top flower layer a lil OFF of the other one.. Down and right..

 Look at the finished tag to see. Try going to Edge Effects/Enhance again on this top flower layer.

Now copy and paste your Fairy tube to the canvas.. where she's on top on

the layer palette. Apply a 3D drop shadow to her using these settings below.

Then put a glow around her using Eye Candy 4000/Gradient Glow..

Settings below.. use #732900

ADD a NEW Layer on top and use the butterfly Brush

that was in the zip.. use # 4d2b15 a dark brown..

then go to Effects/edge effects/enhance the butterflies edges.

 NOT shown here but can see it in finished TAG

IF you want to use the TREE brush

 I supplied then on the layer palette highlight

the circle 2 layer then ADD a new layer.. use the brush in the

DARK brown. Placement is up to you.. look at mine to gauge..

This is what your layer palette should look like now

Time to MERGE ALL flatten.. you will just have ONE background layer on your palette.

Some times when your merging layers that have the Screen or Burn blend modes..

it wont look right.. like it does before you 'merge'.  Try MERGE/merge DOWN..

on each of the Screen and Burn layers... then MERGE them all....You will have

just one Bkg layer now on the palette..  DON'T FORGET YOUR WATERMARK..


 DUPLICATE the background layer.

Choose your magic wand tool

And select some areas.. that you want to use the noise animation on.. Once you've

selected the areas.. just have to do it on ONE of those layers..

then go to ADJUST/Add/remove noise/ ADD NOISE.

Use these settings on the top background layer..

 A 12% noise on the bottom background layer use 20% noise.

I used different settings for her boots. I selected them second time after I did the hair and butterfly.

Unselect when you done and SAVE AS an Animation shop (*.psp) file format

then open in PSP's animation shop and SAVE AS a .gif file.

Your DONE!!!  WHEWWW lol

Toodles till next time