In the supplies zip I included a few brushes to use.. but you can use any brushes you would like...


There should be two brushes, angel tube, grunge overlay tube and preset set shape set...

 put the 4 files for the brushes in your mypspfiles/brush folder...

the preset shape file in mypspfiles/preset shape folder.

The tubes where ever you want to... just so you can find them!!

  In creating this tag I used

Flaming Pear's Twist.. but you could also use Eye Candy 4000's Swirl on the frame.

Open your tubes that came in the supplies zip. Minimize for use later.

#1. Ok lets start with a 500 x 500 new image.

Fill the canvas with a color that blends with your tube. I used #69536b for this.

Go to Effects/Artistic Effects/Halftone.

Using these settings below.

#2. Bring your Grunge overlay up and click on the top and  Ctrl + C to copy.

 Then go to your working image and right click on the top of that window and paste as a new layer.

#3. Do the same thing with the Angel tube copy and paste it on to your working canvas.

#4. Go to your preset shape tool and find the shape you would

 like to use for your mirror image, using the drop down preview window...

to find it.. Make sure you have BLACK set for your

background color and foreground set to Null/transparent or OFF

#5. Draw out your mirror shape... don't get to close to the edge..

cause later you will have a frame around the image

 and you don't want any of the mirror cut off.

#6. While holding down the Shift key on the keyboard ,

 click, hold and drag the bottom left node up some.. doing same with the top left corner.

Try to have the mirror positioned straight across from the angel...

in reality you couldn't see the face if the mirror is down by her waist. lol

See below... how the mirror looks turned now?  Its important to always try to keep

your layers named on the layers palette like below.. you get less confused if you will get in that habit.

#7. Open your angel tube up again and copy and paste it on your image again..

then go up to IMAGE/ MIRROR.. this makes it like a mirror reflection of the angel.

Position the angel over the mirror in the right placement, as my samples show.

#8. *Not shown* but use your magic wand tool 

and click on the CENTER of the black frame..

 it should be selected now or have the 'marching ants' around just

the oval of the center. Go to Selections/INVERT. MAKE SURE 

the angel layer  you just copied and pasted is selected on the

layer palette then CUT or Delete. This should cut all the angel out

except what's inside the frame. If it didn't  DON'T PANIC.....

JUST UNDO.. a couple of steps and try again.  Take note on how the layers are named below.

#9. Using your magic wand again click on the outside of the mirror,

the decoration, if yours has that .. if not skip this step. 

Make sure your on the black mirror layer.

#10. I applied a drop shadow on the outside deco of the mirror.

#11. IF YOU WANT... on the background layer.. you can apply some brushes..

to decorate it..  I used several on mine..   Like the WORDS brush....

* make sure you don't have it too close to the edge cause of the frame you add later.* 

 now HIDE the angel reflection layer by clicking the eye there

to the right of the layer name.  MERGE visible layers now.

You should end up with just 2 layers on the layer palette.

#12. Merged background layer and the angel reflection.  DUPLICATE

the angel reflection layer 5 times.. so you will have a total of 6 layers of her...

then do the same to the merged background layer.. so you end up with 6 layers of it too.

#13. Drag or move a reflection angel layer down on top of a merged background layer..

So you have angel on top.. bkg.. angel bkg.. etc... there should be 12 layers at this  point.

#14. The TOP angel layer don't do any thing to her.. just MERGE DOWN with a bkg layer.

  The second angel layer down... set the blend mode of that layer to Dissolve,

the opacity at 100.. then merge down with a bkg layer.. hide it now..

the 3rd angel layer down.. you set the layer mode on dissolve again and

set the opacity of that layer to 92 and merge down .

#15. You do same thing with next angel layer.. this time.. opacity is 84.

#16. 62 opacity, don't forget to merge down with a bkg layer

#17. The last angel layer.. you set on 22 opacity , merge down with a finished bkg layer.

#18. You should have 6 layers now..  ADD a new layer on top and fill with the same

 purple color you did at the beginning.  Select ALL/ FLOAT...

the Selections/Modify/ Contract 12 pixels, CUT.  Selections/INVERT...

that should have a frame selected around the edge of your canvas.    

Apply the Halftone effect again... change opacity of it this time.. to 6-8

#19. Flaming pear's/Twist.. with these settings.. or use Eye candy

 4000 Swirl... don't have settings for that... cause I didn't use it :)

#20. I applied an inner bevel. with these settings

#21. And a 3D drop shadow.

#22. Not shown ** You duplicate your new frame 5 times.. so you have 6 layers of it..

then drag each layer on top of a bkg layer, merge down with each one..

you end up with 6 layers again.. SAVE AS...

an Animation shop (*.psp) file format then open it in Animation shop...

 SELECT all the frames by clicking  Ctrl + A and go to

Animation/ reverse frames... You animation should start with

the frame that has no dissolve effect to it..

#23. Selecting all the frames and right clicking on any frame.. go down to

animation properties and set the speed to 30 you might want to adjust the

 last frame to speed of 100.. depends on how you want your animation to look .

Hope you enjoyed this... till next tutorial