You can download the supplies HERE.

 Plugins HERE that you will need .Inside the zip is VM Toolbox*Instant Tile*, Penta's *Dot & Cross*, FM Tile Tools *Blend Emboss*,  Xero's Fritillary and Porcelain HERE

If you need help in installing plugins.. I have a tutorial How to use Plugins that might help you..

Here is what were going to create today...

First Open your Woods Bkg tube and hit Shift + D to duplicate the window.. Minimize the original tube for later use.

Go to your Effects up on the top bar, down to plugins/VM toolbox/Instant tile

Use these settings below.

Then go up to EFFECTS/Reflection Effects/Feedback.

Using these settings.

Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian Blur

Set on 6.0 blur

Next apply the Effects/ and Cross

Using these settings.. You tube should look like this in the pic..

Use your color picker and click somewhere in the blurred layer and pick a color that will blend .

Fill the bottom layer with a color that blends with the dot and cross layer.. Apply that same filter also to the bottom layer and merge visible.

Copy and paste the woods bkg tube onto your working image.

Resize it 80%.

Go to Effects/FM tile tools/Blend Emboss.

Use the default settings. Apply it TWICE.

Its a good habit to get into.. Naming all your layers as to what they are. That way you wont get as confused. Also SAVE often... that will save you tons of time and effort too.

Open the purpDaisys tube. Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it onto the working canvas. Move it over to the left.. some of it will hang off the side. Go to Effects/FM tile tools/Blend Emboss, and use the default settings

On the layer palette... set that layer (daisys) on Overlay mode and the opacity on 80%. See in the sample below.

On the layer palette highlight that Daisy bunch layer and right click and duplicate it.. then go to IMAGE/mirror. Adjust the duplicated daisy layer to the right.. some will hang over... its ok.

Also Copy and Paste the umbrella girl.. on to a new layer.. put her to bottom right. Name that layer too.

Merge all visible layers then go to Effects/Xero/Porcelain, default settings.

Selections/ select all/Selections/Modify/Contract 18 or how ever wide you want your frame.

Selections/INVERT/ go to ADJUST/Brightness and Contrast/ Brightness and contrast. Use these settings

Selections/ INVERT again... use a 3D drop shadow with these settings.

While the frame is still selected.. go to Effects/Plugins/Xero/ Fritillary. See below the settings.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... till next time