It would help for this tutorial, you to know your way around PSP 9, knowing your tools and such.. It can be done in other versions as well...if it resembles someone else's tutorial.. its purely a conwinkidenk..

In the supplies zip I have included the following.. Download HERE

 YA star brush

YAngel tube

YGold Gradient

Y3 tubes for the Star Animation

Also used in the tutorial is Tramages plugin.. download HERE

*This is an extensive tutorial so give it time to load if your on dial up..*

#1 Open the Angel tube that was in the supplies zip... it already has the right color bkg layer done for you. Use your selection tool set on POINT to POINT and draw a triangle like the below same capture.

#2  Make sure your on the correct layer.. the tan bkg layer and ADD a new raster layer fill this new layer with the gold gradient supplied. Go to selections/modify/contract 2 pixels fill with the color #E4CDAF. Selections/modify/contract 4 pixels, fill with gold gradient...Selections/modify/contract 6 pixels and fill with the #E4CDAF

#3  Merge/merge down the filled triangle with the tan background layer. You end up with just two layers on the layer palette.

#4 On the background layer apply the Tramages (Tow the Line) effect... I used it through my filters unlimited but you don't have to.. just find Tramages on your plugins list...and do the same settings as below.

#4  Hide your Angel layer... and use your magic wand tool and select all the black lines on the bkg layer as shown.. make sure you just select the line its self.. Look below for right and wrong ways to select.

#5 Once all the black lines are selected then go to selections/modify/expand 1 pixel and fill with the gold gradient.

#6 Your project should look like this...

#7 Apply a 3D drop shadow on your angel now with these settings below.

#8 Click on your preset shape tool Use the Gold gradient for the foreground color and a lighter shade of tan than the bkg..  Draw out a Heart shape. Position like below.


#9 Apply a drop shadow on the heart using the settings below

#10 Right click on the vector heart layer and convert to raster layer. Don't forget to name your layers.. it helps keep them straight.

#11 Merge down the heart layer and the bkg layer. Duplicate the bkg layer now 2 times so you have 3 layers all together..... Use your magic wand tool and select the inside of the heart, on the top bkg layer. 

#12 Open the 3 tubes STAR 1, 2 and 3 and minimize. On your materials palette set your foreground to pattern and choose the STAR 1 pattern that you minimized. Below you see I have the top copy (2) of the tan bkg highlighted, fill the heart with the STAR 1 pattern. Hide that layer and click on the middle copy of the tan bkg.. and fill with STAR 2 pattern..*don't forget to change it up in the materials palette*

#13 Hide the middle bkg layer and click on the bottom tan bkg layer and fill with the STAR 3 pattern.

#14 UN select and use your magic wand tool to select areas of the angels winds.. don't select it solid.. it looks better if its not. DUPLICATE the angel layer now on the layer palette 2 times so that you have 3 layers of her.

#15  on EACH of her layers use the noise filter with the settings below. Her top layer with 2 % noise.. then next one down.. 3%.. then her bottom layer 4%.

#16 Drag each Angel layer down above a bkg layer and merge down an angel and bkg layer. You end up with 3 merged layers. NOTE: on EACH of these 3 merged layers you can now use the star brush that was included in the supplies zip , use to different colors... white and #c33e15 I used the brush in 2 sizes... one was 14 one was 9. Scatter the stars around.. NOT too many... Do this on each of the merged layers, before you go to step # 17.

#17 Go to IMAGE/canvas resize and add 50 Pixels on Width and Height of your canvas. Use these settings below.

#18  As you can see a lil of the angel overlays on the new frame area.. DO NOT move the angel! Go to selections/select all, modify/ contract 25 pixels.. then INVERT yours should look like below. Now on EACH of the angels layers hit CUT or DELETE. This will clean out the frame area.

#19 ADD a new raster layer and fill the new frame area with the gold gradient *not shown*. Selections/modify/contract 2 pixels then fill with a coordinating pattern fill I used the bkg pattern I used for this web page.

#20 Add an inner bevel to the frame using the settings below.

#21 INVERT, then add a 3D drop shadow using these settings below.

#22 Duplicate your new Frame 2 times so you have 3 layers of it... and drag each one down on top of a tan bkg layer... merge down like you've done previously

#23 When I got through with this , I thought it was WAY too big.. so I went to IMAGE/Resize and used these settings *remember when you resize anything you ALWAYS have to use sharpen ONCE. or it will be blurry.*

#24 To get this ready for animation shop... we have to copy and paste our layers into animation. Do this by highlighting the top layer on the layer palette and right clicking on the top of the image window and copy or Ctrl + C then go over to animation shop and right click on its desk top and PASTE as a new animation. then back to PSP and highlight the middle layer and COPY then back to AS and right click on the frame there paste behind the current frame, back to PSP and highlight the bottom and last layer and COPY then back to AS and right click and PASTE behind the current frame.. you end up with 3 frames to your animation... click this button to preview your animation.. if the speed of the animation isn't like you want it...right click on any of the frames.... go down to animation properties and put in a higher number in the box the higher the number the slower the animation.

#25  Use these settings when you optimize your Animation when you SAVE AS a GIF. Save the original animation with a name... now if you want to add text to it.. then you do it after you have saved...

#26. Open your new animation.. in Animation shop. Now you can add text from animation shop.. but you cant get bevels.. or 3D shadows from there.. so this is how I do it.. * and in my opinion.. Text with OUT 3D shadow.. don't look good.. the piece is just not finished! *

Select all frames.. (Ctrl + A) and right click on one of them EXPORT to PSP. Once your in PSP.. ADD a new raster layer on the top. like below and type your text. Apply it now if you want a bevel.. and/or 3D drop shadow. When done duplicate the text layer  same amount of times as you have frames.. there is 3 frames to this animation.. so I duplicate my text 2 times ending up with 3 layers too.

#27 Drag each TEXT layer down on top of each frame layer like below.. Merge down a text layer and a frame layer.. you end up with same amount of frames as you started with.

#29 X out your image like your closing it, this window below pops up click NO

#30  Then this window pops up, Click YES

SAVE AS your new animation with the Text.. with a new name.. keeping the original for another time or name. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. and I made it clear for you..

TOODLES till next time..