There are different ways to make a watermark... for your creations.. In this tutorial I will show you a few ways to do so.


#1. The first one.. create a new image 300 x 200 white bkg.. Type your name, or what ever you want on your watermark..

 if you want a small heart, butterfly or any kind of design.. put that on there too.. do all this in BLACK as the sample below.



#2. Merge all flattened once you get your name like you want it.


#3. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/ Emboss

#4. Next crop it.. I don't use the crop tool I make a selection around things then crop to selection.

#4.  it should look like this below.


layer mode on this below is soft light ,opacity down to 50% or so


#5.  Below here is sample of 3 of my names... using preset shapes as decos...and different fonts..

I did it all in black then merged all flattened...then effects/ texture/ emboss like above..

#6.  Then I copy and pasted that image over to a new image filled with the color of this page..

on the layer mode.. I have it set to overlay.. and brought the opacity down to 73%

#7. Below is what it looks like on this page..


Toodles till next time